2022: a year full of stories

A good time or a good story


Caro Buck


January 11, 2023

Stories. Every day is made up of hundreds of them (both monumental and mundane), and often they fly by without a second thought. In 2022, I decided that I wanted to live to tell a good life story, meaning that I had to do things that would lead to good stories.

So, where did my story take me in 2022? Let’s explore…

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You might be wondering what all the gray lines are- those show my journey through all of these places, from January 1st to December 31st. And it was going to be a neat animation… but… things didn’t quite work as I expected and I’m not going to let perfect stand in the way of good, especially when one of my goals for 2023 is to write and publish more. So this is the start of the story. Stay tuned for more.

2022 by the numbers:

Some of my favorite stories, places and people that made my heart sing in 2022:

4 young adults, 1 woman and 3 men, posing with their bikes after a long bike ride.

Something I never thought I’d do- bike 200+ miles in 2 days

young woman standing in front of backdrop covered with R package hex logos. She looks very excited to be there.

Attending, and presenting, at rstudio::conf for the first time

Panoramic sunset view of the water and beach in S'Agaro Spain

Spanish sunsets are sublime

Silly group photo of lots of friends

C u later, Seattle friends!

Silly group photo of lots of friends

Frolidays with new MA friends

A picture of blue-grean Mediterranean sea, with rocks and plants in an inlet

Hands down, swimming in the Mediterranean was my favorite solo story

Picture of interior of La Sagrada Familia, with soaring ceilings and light streaming in through colored stained glass windows.

La Sagrada Familia, aka my favorite building of 2022

May your cup overfloweth in 2023 with laughter and zest

To each and every person who contributed to my life’s laugh counts and made life in 2022 a bit more exciting, hilarious and marvelously complex: ty.

Inspired to go live your own story now? To live a life that tells a good story? Check out one of my all-time favorite books that got me started.

And remember, as they always say, a good time or a good story!