Me and Meows.


Caro Buck


March 15, 2022

A photo of a cat stuck in the window blinds, turning to look over her shoulder with a pothos plant in the foreground.

One of my favorite photos of Meows, that sums up well how we feel without Mick around.

My (previous) roommate Mick has a cat, coined Meow Meow. Mick went out of town a few times while we lived together, leaving me in charge of Meows. I decided I needed a new side project, so I decided to log my interactions with Meow Meow. Maybe one day I’ll turn this into some sort of interesting data journalism piece, but in the meantime, enjoy my ramblings below as proof of why I need human interaction.

Trip One: Mick goes away

Day 1: 3/14/22

(Technically Mick left yesterday, but I had this idea today so I’ve decided today is day 1).

  • It’s Pi day. I didn’t have any pie (neither did Meow Meow).
  • One scratch (on the shin). She didn’t like that I wanted to box in the AM in the living room.
  • One failed jump (she missed the table and kinda fell on my leg…she disappeared for a few minutes after this)
  • One mysterious incident with the wire cooling rack (parkour??)
  • One cute photo (Meow got into the boxes on the coffee table)
  • Moderate amount of head/neck pats (I discover that Meow’s neck is her softest fur)
  • Meow Meow is the only living creature I spoke to IRL today. Everyone else (family, coworkers and networking event) was virtual
  • One late night staring contest (can’t tell if she’s love blinking or winking)
  • Toys played with: cap thing from coat rack, toilet paper tube, toilet paper wrapper
  • Moderate meow whining looking for cuddles/Mick at night
  • Meows “helps” take care of the plants. Temporarily gets stuck on windowsill. Pines for her long lost love (Mick)
  • One treat given for bedtime

Day 2: 3/15/22

  • Caro talks with 1 person, Daniel G., IRL to sell a rolling cart
  • Toys played with: paper measuring tape, plastic wrapper (see below)
  • Limited interaction during work day
  • Considered picking meows up for the first time
  • Halfheartedly played with plastic wrapper (by halfhearted, I tried and Meows ignored me for the most part)
  • Actually picked Meows up for the first time (felt weird; a vulnerable position)
  • Picked meows up a second time, tried to do the butt thing Mick does. Didn’t quite nail it. Escaped unscathed though, so that’s a win.
  • One shin claw attempt when I wouldn’t let her in the laundry area
  • Side note: received three months’ worth of love (from an animal) from Duckie in one sitting. Great convo with a human IRL too (Timmy)
  • Meow’s mood this evening: Needy/vocal/trying to break through the baby gate into my room
  • Creatures I spoke to IRL (besides Meow and myself): 4 (Janet and Michael at boxing, plus two above)

Day 3: 3/16/22

  • A beautiful rendition of a good morning song (consisting solely of “good morning” and “meow”. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to guess who was who.)
  • A treat scavenger hunt (whereby I shake the treat container and throw three kibbles in opposite directions)
  • Toys played with: tin foil balls (she found these from somewhere on her own); plastic lid (no idea where she got this, but it bounces in a fun way); plastic bag; we briefly toyed with a receipt, too.
  • Humans talked with IRL: Lauren (sold some furniture); Jake (sold a mirror); Janet, Satchel, Mac at boxing
  • Lots of phone calls (but those are “virtual”)
  • Meows had a chill day today. Lots of sleep and she learned to entertain herself with some toys (trash).
  • Picked her up (bare arms, too! I was feeling brave!). Held for 3.2 seconds
  • Mocked by Jerred and Codi for my Meow Meow diaries.

Day 4: 3/17/22

  • Meows seems less patient with my Dance Church antics this AM (she was a bit edgier with more claw swipes)
  • Toys: String
  • We played a fun game called “how long will Meows walk around with the strings on her back”
  • Other cat cuddles: Zz and ficus. No attacks. So much easier to pet a cat that wants to be petted.
  • Not much Meows interaction at all today
  • Most friends IRL! Jerred, Erica, Katie, Naomi
  • Other IRL: Mac & Michael (boxing)

Day 5: 3/18/22

  • AM: Meowing A LOT for attention. Try to pet, walks away (per usual) or tried to bite me. Ugh. “YOU’RE HARD TO PET!!”
  • Busy day for me, didn’t have much time to pet/play, so Meows entertained herself a lot today
  • Humans IRL: Dr, X-Ray tech, nurse (Zoom Care); Tanner (boxing)
  • Lots of assorted phone calls for health, home, family, work
  • Today was also a lot because I lost my CC. And confirmed I have a broken tailbone. Whoop whoop.
  • High note interaction of the day: Meows (willingly) got it my lap and snuggled (for several minutes). And then shed a toooon of hair all over my sweats. XD
  • Toys played with: plastic bag; toilet paper tube

Day 6: 3/19/22

  • Toys played with: tin foil balls
  • Mick came home today. Clearly I took poor notes as I have nothing else to report. That or I was out of the house most of the day.

Trip Two: Mick goes to AZ

Day 0: 4/4/22

  • Bonus: I ripped my pants and missed having a human to tell IRL. Emma got the call instead.

Day 1: 4/5/22

  • Toys played with: tin foil balls; sticky tape from Azazie (Lol I stuck it to her)
  • some meows at night, lots of leg rubs
  • Humans I talked to: Tanner + Janet (boxing)

Day 2: 4/6/22

  • Lots of big noises (vacuuming upstairs and plumber) so Meows spent lots of time hiding under the bed today
  • Gave her some treats; she eventually came back out
  • Toys: Paper balls because I couldn’t find foil balls
  • Meows was serenaded twice today: the fan-favorite Good Morning Meows song, and the new hit single “Meow” (encompasses a wide range of styles, from pop to nursery rhyme to funeral dirge. I am accepting calls from recording labels now)

Day 3: 4/7/22

  • The usual morning leg rubs while going to the bathroom
  • 3 treats + good pets after my AM walk
    • Despite this, LOTS of meows/wanting attention. We didn’t do the classic Good Morning Meows song, so maybe that’s what’s she’s missing. (More likely, she’s probably pining for Mick, but a girl can hope about her angelic singing)

Trip Three: Mick goes South (to Oregon)

Day 1: 4/22/22

  • Toys played with: foil ball, mouse/bell sticks from her tower (hidden under cardboard for that fun hide n’ seek)