Creative Tech

App logo that says Speaking In Color: Think it, Say it, See it. On top of green and blue background

Sherwin-Williams: Speaking in Color

logo for project that says 'smallpox modern threat'

Smallpox Modern Threat

collage editorial style image that includes faces of two women and maps of Iran, overlayed with text that reads: So what will define the future history of Iran?


  • A history book from the future, written by AI, that tells the dire future of women’s rights in Iran if we don’t do anything today to make a change
  • Created in partnership with the Iran Democracy Council


Hungerstation: Subconscious Order

Quarto Projects

screenshot of invitation to a holiday party, with an image of the Boston tea party

Party Invitation


hand drawn graphic saying 'frolidays holiday spectacular

Party Invitation


image with book title: the restricted files.

My sister wrote a book, I helped format and edit it. (under construction)


Click an image to see the underlying details

A connected scatterplot that shows all the places Caro visited in 2022.

My 2022 Recap


data portraits, one for each member of my team. Each portrait is colorful rectangle with abstract shapes/doodles

Data Portraits @ Work


Floral inspired visualization with green, red, purple and yellow flowers on a gray background

Mom’s Day

The final visualization: a multitude of colorful hand-drawn symbols in a grid

A Week of LOLs



TidyTuesday: Jan 12, 2021



TidyTuesday: Jan 19, 2021


TidyTuesday: Jan 26, 2021



TidyTuesday: Jan 26, 2021





TidyTuesday: Feb 9, 2021



TidyTuesday: Feb 23, 2021


image says 'more coming soon'